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  • STEP #1

    Expand the bracelet’s Charms by
    pulling them apart.

  • STEP #2

    Grasp the two Links you want to
    separate and unhook them.

  • STEP #3

    Insert and connect the new Charm,
    or remove an old one.


Do I have to buy the bracelet first

Nope! You can chose to buy a blank bracelet to add onto, or you can add charms to your cart to piece together from scratch.

How many charms should I order to fit my wrist size?

13cm wrist - 15 charms

14cm wrist - 16 charms

15cm wrist - 17 charms

16cm wrist - 18 charms

17cm wrist - 19 charms

Our standard bracelets come complete with 18 blank or engraved charms.

How fast is your shipping?

-United States orders: 3-5 days

-Europe orders: 5-7 days

Do I have to buy the charm remover?

Nope!The charm remover is optional. Our bracelets can be personalized by hand, the charm remover just makes it quicker.

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